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Broker Spotlight - Christopher Jennings

Broker Spotlight - Christopher Jennings

As both owner and principal broker of Aria Properties, Christopher Jennings has years of experience within the real estate industry. Christopher's career began with a B.B.A. in Economics, which brought him to work in the construction and building industry. After running a construction services company for multiple years, he began developing and building homes in Avalon, Ashton Park and Cornerstone. His history with Westgate Property Management began in 2009, culminating in his purchase of the business in 2017.

A Nashville Resident With a Real Estate History

Christopher Jennings was first born in Germany but spent his childhood growing up in Nashville, Tennessee. Though he spent some time working in Texas, he never forgot his roots — both those that originated in Germany and those that originated in Nashville. Christopher's family impressed upon him the importance of history, heritage and culture at an early age, and this has developed the foundation of his character and his career. As recently as 2008, Christopher was involved in plans for some of the largest mixed-use developments in Middle Tennessee. From there, he was able to join Westgate Property Management.

Through Westgate Property Management, Christopher was able to grow and learn more about the unique real estate market surrounding Nashville, Tennessee. Christopher's company is more than just a property management company — it is focused on developing solid client relationships, and protecting its client's assets with all of the resources that it has.

Christopher's company is more than just a property management company -- it is focused on developing very strong client relationships, and protecting its client's assets with all of the resources that it has.

A New Name With the Same High-Quality Service

Upon acquiring Westgate Property Management, Christopher first rebranded the business as Aria Properties. Aria Properties will deliver the same consistently high and comprehensive service as Westgate Property Management. The new name is intended to not only display a vision for the company's future but also serving as a dedication to the company's founder. Jerry Jennings began his own career as a professional opera singer, something that his son, Christopher, always admired. Aria is a name that reflects these talents and establishes the business as a tribute to its founder's family.

Christopher has dedicated himself to continuing his father's legacy and ensuring that Aria Properties offers only the best service throughout Tennessee. No matter the name, Christopher's business has always been dedicated to delivering only the best in real estate and property management services. Both owners and tenants will find it easy to work directly with Aria Properties, whether they're looking to buy, sell, rent out, or lease a home. Contact Aria Properties today to schedule a free no obligation consultation.